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Barbeque lovers know that lighting traditional lumpwood charcoal and charcoal briquettes is not always easy. The SIDERIS company https://www.karvouna.gr, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of solid fuels, suggests the ideal ways to light your coals and briquettes with ease and safety above all.

First of all, the difference between traditional lumpwood charcoal and charcoal briquettes lies in the fact that the briquettes require a little more waiting time until they light up properly, while also lasting more than traditional lumpwood charcoal.


Our RED EVOLUTION briquettes consist of 100% pure and pressed sawdust, which makes them more compact than the coals. Thus, their caloric value is very high and they allow stable grilling for more than 5 hours.


In addition, they do not emit odors, while having no additives or chemicals, making them are a safe, tested and certified product that is addressed to the most demanding grillers.

The most ideal way to light them up is the following: In a lighting chimney, first place 2-3 pieces of firelighter (solid firelighters in cubes, gel firelighter etc.), then light them up and place the traditional lumpwood charcoal over it. Wait until the charcoal lights up and place the RED EVOLUTION briquettes on top. When the briquettes are red, spread them on the grill and as soon as a light layer of ash is created, you are ready to grill!

For easy lighting of SIDERIS traditional lumpwood charcoal, first place a few pieces of charcoal on your grill. Place the ignition chimney on top of them, then add 2-3 pieces of Firestarter, fill with charcoal up to the top of the chimney and then and start your fire.
When the charcoal becomes red, remove the chimney and place it on your grill. Let a light layer of ash form and your coals are ready to use! Bon appetit!

PRECAUTIONS: Traditional lumpwood charcoal, as well as charcoal briquettes and related products should always be kept out of the reach and sight of children.

Always supervise your fire and have a sufficient amount of water and sand near you. Indoor combustion can cause death, as it emits carbon monoxide which is odorless. It is PROHIBITED to use indoors such as houses, vehicles and tents.

Use charcoal products in well-ventilated areas.
In case of contact with eyes, remove contact lenses immediately if present and rinse immediately with plenty of water.

In case of ingestion, drink plenty of water and if the discomfort persists, please contact the Greek Poison Center Telephone immediately: +30 210 77 93 777

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