4 tips for grilling different types of meat!

Barbeque lovers, you know that it is especially important to pay attention to detail while grilling!


First, you need to slice your meat into even pieces, in order for it to cook properly.

If the pieces of meat are too large, then they will burn on the outside, while on the inside they will be undercooked, which is very dangerous, especially in the case of poultry.

So before you put your meat on the grill, make sure that you have cut the pieces uniformly.


Also, if fish is on the menu, make sure to carve their surface diagonally 2-3 times.

This way, it will cook better, while retaining its juices!

In any case, make sure you DO NOT place food on the fire before your charcoal has been properly prepared.

As carcinogenic toxins are released before the charcoal has turned white and ashy.

Spices, as well as salt and pepper should always be only added after the food is removed from the heat.

Otherwise they will negatively affect the taste